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Personal Injury and Product Liability Litigation

Our position as one of the larger firms in the state has enabled us to develop an active and sophisticated practice in tort litigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

From routine automobile accident claims to complex product liability cases, we are committed to the zealous representation of our clients' interests and the successful resolution of disputes. In this area, as in many others, we have consistently been present at the creation of legal doctrines now a part of the established law of Kansas.

Our firm was engaged in the successful defense of America's last manufacturer of polio vaccine in a landmark suit challenging the adequacy of the warning given in connection with its distribution for use. Earlier cases in which the firm was involved led to the adoption of the doctrine of informed consent in medical malpractice cases and the rule of strict liability for unreasonably dangerous products and subsequent refinements of that doctrine.

Our firm's representation of well-known insurance carriers has enhanced our expertise in the areas of professional malpractice, worker's compensation and premises liability.  

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