Horse - Fleeson Gooing and its Together Wichita Partners Provide Clydesdale to Wichita Police Department - Fleeson Law

Photo Credit: Travis Heying, The Wichita Eagle – Used by Permission

Fleeson Gooing is proud to have a role in the gifting of two Clydesdale horses to the Wichita Police Department’s Mounted Unit. One of the horses was provided through the fundraising efforts of the Wichita Police Foundation and the other was donated by Together Wichita, an organization of which Fleeson Gooing is a member.

The Clydesdales will replace two police horses that will soon be retired from the department. Each horse, along with the necessary tack, costs approximately $20,000. The Wichita Eagle’s story regarding the Clydesdales can be found here.

Together Wichita is a partnership of 10 organizations that create, fund and implement projects designed to be of lasting benefit to the Wichita community. Together Wichita was founded in 2014 by the Wichita Eagle and Fleeson Gooing became a member in 2017. Other projects spearheaded by Together Wichita include the Memories Park photo venue in Sedgwick County Park, the Keepers on Parade statues that can be found throughout Wichita, and the new dog park at W.B. Harrison Park in east Wichita.