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Federal Judiciary Explores Cameras in the Courtroom

Saturday, December 10 2011 12:52 AM
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By Lyndon W. Vix In 1954, Dr. Samuel Sheppard was tried and convicted in Cleveland, Ohio for the murder of his wife. The case was highly publicized; so much so that his conviction was subsequently overturned by the United States Supreme Court due to the prejudicial effect of the publicity and the manner in which the trial had … Read Article

Kansas Legislature Makes Significant Changes to Workers Compensation Law

Thursday, September 8 2011 2:32 PM
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By Ali N. Marchant On May 15, 2011, the Kansas Workers Compensation Reform Act took effect, putting in place the first significant reform in Kansas workers compensation laws since 1993. The new Act is the result of negotiations between business and labor interests, and it was passed unanimously by both the Kansas House of Repr… Read Article

Mechanic's Liens Must be Done Right to be Effective

Thursday, June 16 2011 6:32 PM
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By Adam R. Burrus Mechanic’s liens provide vendors and laborers with an important way of protecting themselves from the danger of not being paid. However, if the liens are not created correctly that protection can be lost. Kansas law allows an entity providing improvements on real property a mechanic’s lien for th… Read Article

Kansas Cracks Down on Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

Saturday, May 14 2011 12:26 PM
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By David G. Seely The Kansas Legislature has joined the U.S. Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service in stepping up efforts to address the misclassification of employees as independent contractors. Substitute House Bill 2135, which was signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback on Thursday, May 12, 2011, empowers t… Read Article

The Importance of an Effective Records Retention Policy

Wednesday, May 11 2011 11:34 AM
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By Jason R. Bock Why Have a Record Retention Policy? It is important for every organization to have an established Record Retention Policy (RRP) that provides for the retention and destruction of documents and other records maintained by the organization. Over-saving records, storing them indefinitely or simply longer than need… Read Article

Construction Law Update

Friday, February 4 2011 6:24 PM
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    Kansas Federal District Court Clarifies the Interplay Among “Pay-If-Paid” Clauses, Surety Bonds and the Kansas Fairness in Private Construction Contract Act By Chuck Millsap In the case of Faith Technologies v. Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland, No. 10-2375-MLB, 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7688 … Read Article

Estate Planning Alert - Implications of 2010 Tax Law Changes

Friday, February 4 2011 4:34 PM
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On December 17 of last year, President Obama signed into law the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (“the Act”). The Act, which is best known for extending the Bush Administration tax cuts on the income tax side, also created a new transfer tax regime, with implications … Read Article

Kansas False Claims Act Analyzed

Tuesday, November 9 2010 10:31 AM
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An extensive analysis of the new Kansas False Claims Act written by Fleeson Gooing's Dan Lawrence and Steve Robison is the lead article in the October 2010 issue of the Journal of the Kansas Bar Association. The article, entitled "Introducing the Kansas False Claims Act: A Primer," discusses the legislation which took effect in… Read Article

Public Bonds

Thursday, October 21 2010 3:20 PM
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Ron Campbell and Charles Millsap recently authored chapters in the Kansas Bar Association's handbook, Kansas Construction Law, Second Edition. Mr. Campbell's chapter is entitled "Prompt Payment Acts" and discusses federal court and state laws that provide for timely payment to those persons involved in construction work, as wel… Read Article
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